Price gouging

The Fontana Police Department has arrested individuals on charges of price gouging.  (Contributed photo by Fontana Police Department)

Three people have been arrested on charges of price gouging during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Fontana Police Department.

"When the governor declares a state of emergency, a price gouging statute kicks in. The law generally prohibits charging a price that is more than 10 percent what an item cost before the state (or local) declaration of emergency," the Fontana P.D. said on Facebook.

"In an effort to protect our citizens #FontanaPD is actively monitoring different social media platforms along with local businesses to protect our citizens from any price gouging."

On March 21, Fontana P.D. officers arrested Christopher Nasser, 55, in the 7300 block of Cherry Avenue; Lamar McDonald, 47, in the 14900 block of Summit Avenue; and Jose Carreto, 51, in the 6200 block of Haven Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga.

In these separate cases, several items were involved, including toilet paper, respiratory masks, cleaning supplies, Lysol spray, Clorox wipes, hand soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer, said Jennie Vinzor, press information officer for the Fontana P.D.

"Thank you to our citizens for the tips," the P.D. said on Facebook.

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Now that's using all that equipment for good! Great job guys. Might be able to buy toilet paper again before the month ends!


I imagine the next flu going around that does cause diarrhea, there will be a shortage of nose spray!


My Brother brought me some things from LaHabra to Rancho Cucamonga. He said he had gone into a CVS first and they were selling a small 4 roll of toilet paper for $10, if you can believe. I'm sure a lot of Mom and Pop stores will do this also. So sad.

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