Emmanuel De La Rosa

Former Fontana A.B. Miller High School masonry teacher Emmanuel De La Rosa is pictured outside a courthouse in 2012.  He was found not guilty of all charges against him this year.  (Herald News photo by Alejandro Cano)

After eight days of trial and a few hours of deliberations, former Fontana A.B. Miller High School masonry teacher Emmanuel De La Rosa was found not guilty of all six counts against him by a jury on Aug. 27 at Rancho Cucamonga Municipal Court.

De La Rosa, who was arrested in 2012 in connection with an alleged hazing incident that occurred on the Miller campus, was found not guilty of all six counts, including willful cruelty to a child with possible injury or death, attempted sexual penetration with foreign object to a minor 14 and under, false imprisonment, and failure to report suspected child abuse.

Judge Ingrid Uhler ordered the defendant to be released and the current bail bond exonerated.

De La Rosa had always maintained his innocence in the case, which drew national headlines.

On Aug. 26, both parties, including Deputy District Attorney Morrissa Cardoza and defense attorney Grover Porter, closed arguments.

The jury members began deliberations on Wednesday at 2 p.m. and by Thursday at 2:55 p.m. they had reached a verdict.

Meanwhile, the same judge on the same day placed Fernando Manual Salgado, a former Miller student accused of participating in the hazing, on probation for 36 months. Uhler dismissed four of eight counts and accepted the probation agreement.

According to the agreement, Salgado should not be near firearms at any time; should serve 180 days in a San Bernardino County Jail, with 24 days of credit; should report to Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center on Oct. 17 at 6 a.m.; should violate no law; should report to a probation officer in person immediately after release from custody and thereafter once every 14 days; and if removed from the country Salgado should report to a probation officer by phone or email within 14 days of release.

Salgado was ordered to follow more than two dozen rules, including to seek and maintain employment, attend school and keep the probation officer maintained at all times; not leave the State of California without first obtaining a written permission of the probation officer; should submit to a search and seizure warrant at any time; never possess nor have under his control any dangerous or deadly weapons or explosive materials; and should not associate with convicted felons.

Salgado was charged with attempted sexual penetration with a foreign object to a victim 14 and under, false imprisonment, and assault with a deadly weapon.

In July of 2012, Salgado accepted a plea deal, promising to testify against his former teacher De La Rosa.

Salgado was 18 years old at the time when the alleged incidents occurred in a class that De La Rosa was teaching during the summer.  Police originally said they believed that at least three students were assaulted over a three-week period and that De La Rosa may have condoned or even encouraged the assaults.  The students who were allegedly harmed did not suffer serious injuries, police said.

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