Penny Martin (Wallace/Roy)

Penny Martin (Wallace/Roy)

[This is what Penny wrote herself for her 50th high school reunion in 2009:

At 66, I find myself a care taking, left leaning, flexible-thoughted, tree and people hugging, age defying, underdog championing, purple haired, Aquarian, Oregonian Rainbow Person.

I have three children, all approaching 50, (quizzical expression) and a football playing partner I've loved for 36 years, and a husband before that.

Worked in a steel mill, Renaissance Faire, resort, ran and owned a B&B, sold real estate and 20 more jobs I've since forgotten.

Been to Mexico, Canada, the land of my ancestors Croatia, and Macchu Picchu on Harmonic Convergence Day (hence Rainbow Person, whatever THAT means).

Spend my time today having fun, working out, corresponding with old friends, and visiting the four grandsons.

Life is wonderful, and people are terrific.

— Penny

Penny passed away from Alzheimer's recently while living in Ashland, Oregon. She was spring loaded to the "happy position" until the day she died. In fact, when I walked into her room right after she passed, "What a Wonderful World" was playing on her radio. I can't help but think that was her doing ...

She is survived by her brother Richard and his family, two children, two grandsons, and many cousins.

There will be a small family gathering on Nov. 13 at 11 a.m. in Riverside. Anyone wishing to pay their respects can contact (541) 999-1537 for further details.