Joshua Eliseo Lozano (Jinx)

Joshua Eliseo Lozano (Jinx)

Joshua Eliseo Lozano (Jinx) was born on July 27, 1988, to two amazing parents Rosalio and Patti Lynn Lozano in Upland.

He was blessed with four siblings, Donald Savage, Cristina Lozano Millan, Kimberly Lozano, and Michael Lozano.

At the young age of 15 he met the woman who would one day become his wife, Karen Lozano. They had three sons, Gary, Ryan, and Leonydus Lozano. Joshua was an auto mechanic the better majority of his life and loved anything that had wheels attached to it. He learned to drive at a very young age and ever since then he was happiest when he was driving.

As a child he was a troublemaker with a heart of gold, he was what you'd expect out of your son. He was protective over his siblings and took pride in their well being. He is well known for his mischievous smile and quirky antics. As a son he was a father's stress and a mother's love. He was truly loving and hard headed which made a hell of a combination. His father has always known his capability and pushed him to thrive for life, something Joshua didn't take lightly as he learned and worked hard for his family. His mother Patti Lynn was Joshua's heart and he'd often reminisce, as she passed nearly four years ago.

As a father Joshua was truly amazing and had pride in his sons. His children all carry so many of the traits that made Joshua so

wonderful. Gary's pride and self worth, Ryan's big heart and sensitivity, and Leonydus' took his sense of humor and goofy nature. His children were always his first priority, teaching them to be the amazing young men they are today. Even with his passing, his children's strength derives from Joshua and the lessons and life experiences they created together. Even with this new hardship in their lives, they will continue to thrive thanks to his love.

As a friend Josh was always the one to keep you smiling. Whether it be a vulgar joke or a word someone needed to hear, he was dependable and loving. In his short life and in his travels he's met thousands of people who would willingly drop everything to be at his side. He was not always an easy man to like but once you liked him, you were drawn to him. He wholeheartedly loved to help people and would not hesitate when a friend was in need. His personality led him to join 210 M.C., in this group he'd found the people he was most drawn to. They brought out the best in Joshua and he never had a dull moment when they were together.

As a husband, he was loving and whole hearted. He married Karen on Feb. 12, 2013 after a six year engagement. They'd known each other about 15 years and people would often tell them how they came off as perfect for each other, their opposing personalities clashing to create something beautiful. They described themselves as soul mates and to anyone who knew them well enough it was seen as true. In times of hardship they were drawn to each other and it made them an unstoppable force. Clinging to their boys and their love they always came through it together.

It is quite apparent that we are losing Joshua far to early in this life, and we will all forever question what the future may have held for our lives with him in it. He changed so many people over the short duration of his life and he leaves behind so much love. He was the type of man that was wild and unpredictable yet soft and loving. He was a blessing to all of us and even though we will walk through life with a void in our hearts, he will continue to bring us all happiness. We will spend the rest of our days smiling to ourselves as one of his crazy antics runs through our minds. I will be forever grateful that I was blessed enough to have 15 years with him and I know him and his mom are watching over us as we say our goodbyes. He loved us all and wants us to be happy when his memory rides across our hearts. Do not mourn him, rejoice that he was here and he was ours! I love you Joshua. Forever and ever babe!

A visitation will take place Saturday, May 26 from noon to 4 p.m. at Ingold Funeral and Cremation. Please visit his memorial page at