Ralph Vizcaino Sr.

Ralph Vizcaino Sr.

On Dec. 17, 2020 our hearts were overwhelmed at the passing of our beloved father, friend and companion -- Ralph Vizcaino Sr.

Ralph passed away while in his sleep at his current home in Fort Worth, Texas.

He is respectfully remembered as an early riser who was highly motivated to "seize the day!"

Ralph had a friendly, outgoing personality and a gift for conversation.

We remember him most for his time living in Fontana, where he was married to his wife Esther Vizcaino, who preceded him in death, and where they raised their four children; Ralph Vizcaino Jr., Maria Montijo, David Vizcaino and Mike Vizcaino. Ralph also had 11 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Ralph had a flourishing business while living in Fontana. He was always on the move, working long days and delivering goods to customers near and far, including California, Arizona, New Mexican and Texas.

He made connections everywhere he traveled, putting in hard effort, sacrifice and being a strong provider for his family.

Ralph loved spending time with his birds, fishing with friends, and could often be found at the local coffee shop having conversations with people stopping by.

His home was always hospitable where family and friends wanted to stay longer and spend time together.

Our hearts ache by his passing but we'll always remember his warm smile, affectionate personality and how he changed our lives forever.