Robert Clarence Shaw

Robert Clarence Shaw

Robert Clarence Show passed away on March 3, 2020. He was born on 11-27-1995.

Robert, better known as Vega Bob, was the leader of the band, being the oldest son of four boys. At a young age Vega Bob was introduced to go-karts by his father. It was then that Bob became infatuated with the love of motors and racing. As Bob became a teenager, he was winning more and more races, that his parents had traveled all of the United States in, winning so much he became a national champion. When Bob got to be the age of 16 he was helping his father work at his plastic injection molding shop, better known as Micro Molding. Vega Bob helped his parents build the business to be very successful, and when not working at the shop he was building motors, hot rods for people, and his reputation grew. People became so drawn by his craftsmanship and knowledge that Vega Bob by then had built many show bikes, custom T buckets, that his experience on life's journey could be described in a story as if you were there and lived it yourself. People admired him for he truly loved to help others. He also loved to fly model airplanes and play with his dogs that he loved. He was a very intelligent, honest and loyal man and a very hard worker.

Vega Bob is survived by his parents, his father Clement Dwight Shaw and mother Marlene Clarise Shaw, and his three brothers Billy, Johnny, and Richard. He left also a very special woman in his life, Sharron Hamilton, not just his lover and partner, but his friend who had been through many of his life's obstacles. He had three sons who were very close to him, Jeremy, Jeffrey, and Cain Shaw. He was also a grandfather and loved to teach the kids how to fly a kite or work on whatever they needed help with. He was always there for them when they needed them. With all this happening so suddenly it has truly affected us all so deeply. It has been a blessing to have had him in our lives. He is a legend in our hearts and in our minds.

Before we close I as well as would like to thank all the nurses and everyone at Saint Mary's Hospital. The whole family appreciates each and every one who tried to save him. Thank you Affordable Cremations for handling him and caring for the loss of the family.

Thank you all for being there to help the Shaw family with this loss. We love you Bob.