Sunrise 2/1/1946 in Akron, OH

Sunset 7/20/2020 in Fontana, CA

He is survived by his son Jamaal, daughter Rashann, ex-wife and friend Ruth, sisters Cheryl and Judy.

In his life he was an accomplished and successful businessman who was diversified in trade and skills, having acquired a dental tech degree and formerly being the sole owner of an auto body repair shop and mobile women’s fashion boutique business. He was a jack of all trades with a penchant for sales and had expertise in legal and environmental issues; his motto was “to never take no for an answer” and this was embodied in everything he pursued. He was a loving man who always strove to champion any matter that arose for his family members. He was a brilliant man with no professional/personal ceiling to the heights he reached and had the potential for far greater heights. He will be greatly missed and forever loved … May his soul rest in eternal peace.