American Medical Response holds a clothing drive for people in need in the local area. Pictured above are Nathan Groff – Supervisor Redlands Ops, Wess Mulder – Operations Supervisor Redlands Ops, Robert Coster – Customer Service Liaison Rancho Ops, Bri Darling - Special Events Coordinator Rancho Ops., and Ernestine Ontiveros.

American Medical Response in San Bernardino County has been donating food and clothing to shelters and centers for many years.

The team and I dropped off our first load of donated items to Mary’s Mercy Center in August. Normally the clothing drive is held during the holidays and we choose a shelter to donate to; I have changed it so that we are accepting donations all year around for different shelters.

Many employees from both divisions (Rancho Cucamonga and Redlands) took the time to go through their closets and find things to give. Our main goal in Care Team is to do things for our employees here at AMR to boost and maintain employee morale, and to give to our community and care for people in need.

Crayons and coloring pages have been used as gifts for kids at events along with junior para-medic stickers, comic books and other giveaways in an effort to give back to our community.

Our newest initiative to help people in our community is our clothing drive.

The Rancho Care Team and the Trauma Hawk Care Team at the Rancho and Redlands offices are asking for the employees' ongoing support by donating gently used or new clothing and toiletry items to our offices. All items collected will go to shelters and centers in San Bernardino County throughout the year.

It is important for AMR to give back to our community and care for others; it is the core of who we are as a company and we will continue doing what we can in the future to make a difference.

AMR is grateful to everyone who has already donated and for being a part of the change that makes a difference to people in need.

(Bri Darling is the special event coordinator for San Bernardino County. The Rancho office is located at 7925 Center Avenue.)

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