The State Assembly last week voted to send to Gov. Gavin Newsom a responsibly balanced budget that makes core investments in the future of our state and our state’s diverse population.

At the start of the year when we engaged in our collective work to craft a state budget, I had several key budget priorities that would need to be realized for the final budget to receive my support.

These priorities include investments in early childhood education and childcare, opportunities for working families, homelessness prevention and response, and funding to protect and uplift our vulnerable communities.

I can say with confidence that with the leadership of Speaker Anthony Rendon and Budget Committee Chair Phil Ting, the California State Budget reflects California values and addresses the funding priorities necessary for my support.


• Transition toward universal pre-school and childcare with funding for over 11,000 childcare slots and 10,000 full day preschool slots;

• $650 million in local funding to address homelessness.

• Expansion of paid family leave from 6 to 8 weeks.

• Additional $152.3 million to improve the state’s emergency response and preparedness capabilities.

• An investment of $100 million per year for safe drinking water.

• Expands access to college including an expansion of the Community College Promise fee waiver.

• Establishes the California Reentry and Enrichment Grant program to provide grants to community based organizations that provide rehabilitative services to incarcerated individuals within correctional settings.

• Provides $41.9 million to improve access to justice and modernize court operations, including new judicial positions with some in San Bernardino County.

• Significant investments in mental healthcare with specific funding to target mental health crisis in most at-risk communities.

• Funding for seniors including the Long-Term Care Ombudsman program, Senior Nutrition Program, and Multipurpose Senior Services Program.

• Enhances the state budget reserve to $19.4 billion.

(Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes represents Assembly District 47, which includes Fontana and other cities.)

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