Several candidates are running for office in the West Valley Water District in the Nov. 5 election.

The West Valley Water District covers parts of Fontana, Rialto, and Bloomington.

Some of the candidates submitted statements to the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters. Those statements are reprinted below.

----- DIVISION 1

The candidates are Kyle Crowther, Betty J. Gosney, and Linda Gonzalez. Gosney did not submit a candidate statement.


Police Officer / Director, West Valley Water District

As your board member for the West Valley Water District, I have a record of accomplishments which have ensured that our community has access to a safe, high quality, affordable, and reliable water supply. Additionally, I am proud to have delivered:

• A return of over $4.8 million back to taxpayers

• Award-winning clean water for our families.

• Fiscal responsibility that has led to the district's recognition for attaining a status of being in excellent financial shape.

My experience as a police officer has taught me the importance of working with a team, creating safety plans, and initiating long-term goals. As your advocate, I pledge to:

• Fight to keep water rates as low as possible

• Implement water-wise education rather than penalties to meet water reduction mandates.

• Encourage greater citizen participation at attending board meetings, visiting the district's water facilities, and participating in conservation workshops.

A lifelong Californian, I am rooted in the Inland Valley. My wife and I are raising our family here. It is my home – just as it is yours. I will continue being accessible and responsive to your needs.

If you would like to discuss my plan, please contact me at


Kyle Crowther


Business Owner

Age: 57

I am running for Division 1 Director of the West Valley Water District so I can continue to be your voice for working families. Like you, I know what it is like to pay bills while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

As your former Vice President of the West Valley Water District Board of Directors, I continue to speak out on your behalf and denounce wasteful spending and abusive practices that jeopardize the financial health of our water district. I fought for customer rebates. I will support a 20% rebate and will oppose any water increase. You deserve policies and advocacy that puts you first.

I have experience where it counts: right here in our community. I have been a West Valley Water District customer and local small business owner for more than 30 years. It is here where I chose to raise my family and build my small business from the bottom up. I have served and led numerous local community organizations for more than 20 years.

Let's bring back stability, knowledge, and prosperity to our water district.

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Vote Linda Gonzalez for the West Valley Water District, Division 1.

Thank You

----- DIVISION 4

The candidates are Channing Hawkins and Don Olinger.


Labor Relations Representative

My name is Channing Hawkins and I am running for the West Valley Water District, Division 4. I am a committed husband and father of three boys.

Water is our most critical public resource, and I am committed to ensuring the affordability, safety and reliability of our local water system, not only for now, but for the future.

My experience as an advocate for working people has allowed me to work collaboratively with people of various backgrounds and fight on behalf of everyday people against government bureaucracy. As a Board Member, I will be a watchdog to make sure that the West Valley Water District is transparent, accountable, and creates job opportunities that will benefit local families.

I am qualified for the position because I am not a career politician and have a track record of service in our community. I currently serve as a Rialto Human Relations Commissioner, Adult Literacy Volunteer to Colton residents, and as a board member of numerous nonprofit organizations. I hold Juris Doctorate and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Howard University.

For more information visit my website


Director, West Valley Water District / Retired Rialto School Principal

Solving the current water crisis requires experienced and knowledgeable board members who have integrity and decision making skills. Many citizens in the Rialto, Colton and Bloomington area are urging my re-election to the Board to bring harmony and problem solving ability in board issues. They feel that I will restore morale, consensus building and sound policies which ratepayers deserve.

I believe that stabilizing water consumption prices at current rates can be done without sacrificing infrastructure improvements and water quality.

I prefer water-wise education rather than penalties in order to meet water reduction mandates.

I encourage our customers and new citizens to attend board meetings, tour the district's water facilities and participate in water conservation workshops. You will be impressed with our upgrades in new water technology, customer service and staff professionals.

I welcome suggestions on how the water agency can be more responsive to your concerns.

My experience as a Rialto teacher, principal, church trustee, veteran, Rialto school board and water board member enable me to ask the hard questions and work in your best interest.

Your vote is important and I would be honored to have it. Thank you.

Phone: 909 875 0815 Email:

----- DIVISION 5

The candidates are Jackie S. Cox, Greg Young, and Angel Ramirez.


To the voters of Bloomington:

As a Board Member I will always be honest and work with issues of the district only. I will never interfere with employee matters nor will I micromanage the general Manager's job.

I am a Mother and Grandmother of many. I retired from Smith Barney after 30 years. I belong to the Bloomington Mac and I am a Rialto Rotarian. I have served on many boards over the years.

Our water rates are most important to all of us, I will work harder to get them lowered again.

Thank you for your vote!!


Director, West Valley Water District

Age: 37

I ask for your continued support to be your advocate for Bloomington on the Board of Directors for the West Valley Water District.

I am a fourth-generation resident of Bloomington and I am proud to call this district my home. I graduated from Bloomington Christian Schools and earned a Master's degree in Business Administration from Cal Poly Pomona. Currently I work in Administration at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and I am a proud member of Teamsters Local 1932.

Over the past 4 years I was able to:

• Cut water rates by 30% and kept them frozen for the last 4 years.

• Returned over 4.9 million dollars back to you, in the form of two rebates.

• Successfully moved board meetings to the evening for increased participation.

• Help secure over 2 million dollars in federal funding for Bloomington.

• Ensure the delivery of high quality water.

If re-elected I will:

• Keep rates flat, no new increases.

• Continue to be the ratepayer's advocate for Bloomington.

• Advocate for a 15% cut in administration costs.

• Advocate for a medical assistance rate program.

Vote Greg Young on November 5th. - (951) 334-5161 -


High School Educator

A safe, high quality, affordable, and reliable water supply for the Inland Empire is crucial for the security of our region and essential for life. Solid decisions require effective planning.

As an educator right here in San Bernardino County, I dedicate myself every day to protecting and providing guidance to the next generation of Inland Valley residents. My experience of working with a team, reviewing safety plans, and initiating long-term goals for a broad cross section of the community, provides me the background and qualifications needed to defend the high standards and reliability of our local groundwater and imported water supplies.

I will achieve responsible water resource planning by:

• Incentivizing conservation and recycling.

• Removing pollutants from our local groundwater and hold polluters accountable.

• Working with state and federal partners on affordable new water projects.

• Ensuring southern Californian's are not held hostage by the interests of wealthy water barons and developers in San Francisco.

West Valley Water District is in serious need of reform. I will ensure that customers are put first.

It's time for real results. I will be honored to earn your vote.

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