Victor Glover

Commander Victor Glover speaks to local students during the "UNITY in CommUNITY Day" at the Jessie Turner Center in Fontana on Sept. 18.

Commander Victor Glover was escorted into a VIP press conference on Sept. 18 at the Jesse Turner Center on the arms of Miss Black Awareness and her Court, where he was greeted by his fraternity brothers, elected officials, and the press.

Representatives from Ted Porter Elementary School’s 5th grade class were invited to attend the press conference with Glover, while more than 100 of their classmates anxiously waited at the North Fontana Park Sports Pavilion.

The four representatives asked very pertinent questions to astronaut Glover about how was life living in space for six months, and presented him with a banner that the 5th grade classes had made for him.

Glover was pleasantly surprised to receive the key to the city from Fontana's City Council members presented to him by Mayor Acquanetta Warren.

After the press conference, Glover transported by Fiona the movie car and her owner Elaine Francisco, where he was led into the Sports Pavilion by Chaffey High School Honor Guard Naval ROTC to a beautiful rendition of “America the Beautiful” sang by Amore' the Songstress, accompanied by a 116-piece band from Summit High School under the direction of James Sharp.

This was the fifth year the Concerned Citizens for the Development of North Fontana had organized "UNITY in CommUNITY Day" Chillin N Grillin BBQ comPITition. Thank you to all the grillers for your participation, and congratulations to the Riverside County Fire Department for taking home the Master Chef award for 2021-2022.

Our goal is not only to break bread together but also to bring CommUNITY Awareness to the Inland empire. Our initial purpose was to bridge the gap between law enforcement agencies and the community.

But the vehicle that fuels this event is education; knowledge and partnership are essential. This annual event would not be possible without the help and support from the City of Fontana and the Fontana Police Officers Association. It truly "takes a village.”

(Ellen Turner is president of the Concerned Citizens for the Development of North Fontana.)

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