Erick Martinez and Vincent Vasquez

Since it’s Military Appreciation Month, here is a neat story about two local families, whose sons attended Fontana A.B Miller High School -- my son, Vincent Vasquez J.R., and Erick Martinez, Class of 2018.

The boys knew of each other through mutual friends but had never officially met.

When these two decided to join the military and began boot camp, their moms joined a military support group for parents.

I was so excited to receive my first letter that I posted it on that site without blocking my address, but to my surprise this is how I would meet Erick's mom Rosie. We soon began messaging each other as we both were struggling with our sons leaving home and anticipating a letter home.

To our surprise, after a few messages we realized that we only lived a street away and our other children also attended the same schools.

With so many things connecting us, we soon met for coffee and that was just the beginning. We have now blended our families together and are not only friends but family as our sons have now graduated and become U.S. Marines. We now talk almost every day and have regular dinner dates.

Both boys are currently at Camp Pendleton; my son is at infantry school and we just heard that he interviewed and was selected for Honor Guard in Washington D.C. for two years after infantry school, which ends on July 12. Erick is at Pendleton for Marine Combat Training (MCT).

My son recently went to my daughter's school (Kathy Binks Elementary) to talk to the students, as they had been writing him during boot camp.

God bless America and the sacrifice of these boys.

(Cindy Vasquez is a Fontana resident.)

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