In late March of this year, Gov. Newsom ordered mandatory restrictions ostensibly to prevent the spread of COVID-19. California was the first state to “lock down.”

There were important consequences from the lockdown because lockdowns run counter to human nature. Humans are by nature social animals (Aristotle).

Humans create and maintain personal as well as shared and community relationships. The lockdowns stopped nearly all social interaction.

The lockdowns also stopped the Fontana Police Officers Association's regular programs of barbecuing and cooking for people and then sharing a meal together. It is part of what we do to help keep our officers connected with the community.

That is why we volunteered to participate in BOO N BITE on Oct. 31 at the Civic Center Complex in downtown Fontana (See story, Fontana Herald News, Nov. 3, by Jerry Soifer).

BOO N BITE was spearheaded by the Fontana Chamber of Commerce. Instead of walking through and seeing booths and displays, people drove through the maze of exhibits.

The event featured three important benefits for attending.

• First, it was a “trunk or treat” which provided an opportunity for children of all ages to dress in costume and to be seen. It also allowed kids to receive the traditional “treat” of candy.

• Second, attendees could receive two boxes of nutritious groceries. The shutdown has caused many families to suffer significant financial harm. Getting the food was needed, supportive and comforting.

• Third, attendees were able to connect with others, to renew human interaction. Reconnecting was food for the soul. Just like food for the body, this was needed, because it was supportive and comforting.

BOO N BITE brought together service organizations including the Fontana Rotary Club, Fontana Kiwanis Club, Fontana POA, Fontana Police Foundation, and numerous Fontana businesses.

It was important for the Fontana POA to be a part of this because it allowed us to reconnect with old partners and connect with some new ones.

We want to salute Rashpal Dhindsa, Raj Sangha and the entire United Sikh Mission team. We hope to partner with them in the future. They believe as we do in the principle of sharing and selflessly serving others (Sukhmandir Khalsa; 2018, July 8).

The United Sikh Mission is a charitable organization. At BOO N BITE they gave out two semi-trailer loads of fresh food and groceries.

We often say that Fontana POA is connected with the community. BOO N BITE was a perfect example of what we mean -- it connected Fontana by working together to improve our community through trust, communication, and collaboration.

(Jason Delair is president of the Fontana Police Officers Association.)

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