Veterans Day

The winners of the 2021 Dr. Charles Koehler Veterans Day Writing and Art Contest for school children were honored during the City of Fontana’s ceremony at the Steelworkers’ Auditorium on Nov. 11.   Pictured above are winners who were in attendance at the event:  (left to right) Canaan Mejia, Mason Kendrick, Jacqueline Covarrubias, Natwadee Serena Lopez, and Julienne Ramiterre.  Standing behind them is Fontana City Councilmember Jesse Sandoval, who gave out the awards.

The City of Fontana recently honored the winners of the 2021 Dr. Charles Koehler Veterans Day Writing and Art Contest for school children.

The winners of each category were named during the Veterans Day ceremony at the Steelworkers’ Auditorium at the Lewis Library and Technology Center on Nov. 11.

Winners of the Writing Contest received awards from City Councilmember Jesse Sandoval.

----- HERE are the honorees:

• Writing Contest

1st place: Aaron I. Resendez (4th grade, Hemlock Elementary School)

2nd place: Julienne Ramiterre (4th grade, Hemlock)

3rd place: Jacqueline Covarrubias (5th grade, Hemlock)

• Art Contest

1st place: Natwadee Serena Lopez (age 9)

2nd place: Aria Shah (age 8)

3rd place: Mason Kendrick (1st grade, Hemlock Elementary School)

• Poem Contest

1st place: Elizabeth Quiroz (4th grade, Palmetto Elementary School)

2nd place: Canaan Mejia (4th grade, Palmetto)

3rd place: Lusian Perez (4th grade, Palmetto)

The poem contest winners drew pictures and added these messages for veterans:

Elizabeth Quiroz:

“Dear veterans: Thank you for serving in the military. I know everyone appreciates all you’ve done for the community. Also, thank you for keeping us all safe. Great job for everyone who fought for us all.”

Canaan Mejia:

“Thanks for saving our country so we can live freely in the place we call home. I am grateful for you guys freeing our country.”

Lusian Perez:

“Thank you for keeping us safe. I hope you have a great day and stay safe.”

The winning essays are reprinted below:


What Veterans Day means to me is a time to pay tribute and honor those who served in the military.

Many will find ways to celebrate and remember the sacrifices made by those in uniform in a manner that’s personal. A friend, relative, or a neighbor who served comes to mind as we take a moment to reflect on what the person did to serve our nation.

Another way to celebrate Veterans Day is to think of it like the Fourth of July and have family come over and have dinner. After dinner you would have to go outside and light off fireworks and sing “The Star Spangled Banner” in front of the flag while putting your right hand over your heart. Before lighting the fireworks, you should take a moment to thank all the men and women that put their lives on the line for our country.

Another way I show respect for Veterans Day is by hanging the American flag over my house and having dinner with my family.


Veterans Day is a holiday where most citizens celebrate those veterans who have sacrificed their lives. We should show respect for our veterans.

Some people may interrogate, “What are veterans?” Well, veterans are people who had duties in the United States Armed Forces.

Veterans Day has many different purposes. No. 1, Veterans Day means freedom, sacrifice, and honor for those who served in the military. No. 2, it also means to give thanks to people who served.

They had challenging times fighting in war. Some people may not be grateful for them. But without them, the terrorists would take over America.

Veterans do so many things for us other than going to war. They can deliver food, protect people from terrorists who would harm their neighborhood, and work with local governments.

America owes its veterans and their beloved families an enormous debt of gratitude for putting their selves at risk to protect our rights and freedoms.

Veterans Day is very special to me. I encourage everyone to celebrate it.

Veterans Day is a precise time for us to reflect on and honor the sacrifices made by our brave and heroic men and women of the Armed Forces. I am sure us Americans appreciate all the hard work our heroes have done for us. We love them, they can do anything they desire to do. We honor those who serve or are currently serving today.


Veterans Day is not just another day off. It means so much more.

People chose to be in the Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force knowing it could be dangerous and even take their lives. Veterans, men and women, have battled for you and me so we can have all the liberties of our country.

There have been many wars like World War II and the Vietnam War. Veterans fought for the United States to save our country from any enemy.

Not only are they brave, but they leave behind their family who loves them. Moms, dads, grandmas and everyone miss them and worry about them.

I am glad we can celebrate Veterans Day to thank and remember the people who fought for our country. They deserve the respect of all people.

Here are a couple facts about Veterans Day. Veterans Day started in 1918 and was first called Armistice Day. In 1954 Dwight D. Eisenhower changed the name to Veterans Day.

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