Bishop Emory James

Bishop Emory James

It is my extreme pleasure to host this year’s celebration honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Fontana.

Each year we are challenged to do all that we can to keep the dream alive.

Many have various opinions about the dream of Dr. King, which is continually analyzed and interpreted just to meet the diverse opinions that challenge the world today.

I believe that what keeps the dream alive is the fact that it can never be placed in a box nor made finitely interpreted simply because it continues to evolve and is always calling us to a loftier place in humanitarianism.

It would seem that just when we think we have figured out the formula for the dream’s foundation of effectiveness, another door opens to challenge mankind to think and evaluate his place in the social realm of society.

This is the reason that after 50 years, the dream is still as fresh as it was the first day that the arrow of moral vicissitude was released and it pierced our hearts and moved us to repent from our immoral spirit of selfish indignation.

As an ever living voice, the dream continues to reach out to the generations of the old, middle aged, young adults and youth. This dream will always call us to live soberly and just as we interact with each other in our social realms.

So this will mark the 32nd year of celebration here in Fontana, as we remember the fact that it was the spirit of the people inspired by a speech about a dream that has motivated our community to continue to work to provide an overall better quality of life.

We are grateful for the monumental visit of Dr. William J. Barber ll, who will join us on Saturday, Jan. 18 at Westside Baptist Church, 15006 Randall Avenue here in Fontana at 3 p.m.

Dr. Barber has been commissioned to be a voice in this era to call the people nationally to a new moral level addressing homelessness and poverty.

I also thank Dr. Barber for reviving “The Poor People’s Campaign” that is now moving to march on Washington D.C. on June 20, 2020. After 52 years of dormancy, the people's voice will be heard again heralding the advocacy for the poor.

This year we wanted the spirit of Dr. King to look at the homeless epidemic that has gripped our region and society. Dr. King’s voice reminds us that none of us are very far from being homeless and compassion is what God calls us to walk in so that we are to continue to challenge governments to legislate and put in place the type of governance that is fair to all in terms of rents, employment, environment, and medical services that covers the whole man physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

So today, let us resolve to work diligently to keep the dream alive!

(Bishop Emory B. James is the pastor of Ephesians New Testament Church in Fontana.)

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