Four candidates are running in the race for 5th District San Bernardino County supervisor in the March 3 presidential primary election.

Here are their official statements that were submitted to the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters Office:


Mayor Pro Tem / Small Businessman

Jesse Armendarez is running for County Supervisor to:

• Make public safety and safer neighborhoods our county's top priority.

• Immediately respond to the homelessness, drug, and mental health crisis.

• Help create more and better paying jobs.

• Bring more fiscal accountability for residents.

• Improve educational outcomes for our children.

• Keep our roads and streets pothole free and well maintained.

Jesse Armendarez is a husband, father, city councilmember and small businessperson who knows the County's top priority is to protect our communities from crime and gangs.

As an award-winning businessman (Jesse was awarded "Top 250" by the National Association of Hispanic Realtors), he knows leadership means focusing on economic growth, safe parks, youth activities and increasing property values. That is why he is endorsed by the chamber of commerce.

Jesse Armendarez will be our champion for middle class values.

Join San Bernardino Mayor John Valdivia, Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren, Law Enforcement and Teachers in supporting Jesse Armendarez for Supervisor.


Business Owner

Real people striving to reach their dreams in the real world. This statement describes myself and the people I want to represent from San Bernardino County's 5th District.

As a small business owner, I approach governance with two principles in mind:

• Only local communities can provide effective solutions to local problems. I believe neighborhoods freed from government oversight have the heart, motivation and expertise to deal with issues that affect their specific communities.

• The size of government must shrink. Government at all levels has grown far beyond its proper role.

Based on these principles, my goal as 5th District Supervisor is to implement the following policies:

• Government should be pay-as-you-go. To saddle future generations with debt is immoral.

• Elected officials shall recuse themselves from voting on any matter that creates even an appearance of a conflict of interest.

• Pay and benefits of government employees should be on par with pay and benefits earned by private citizens in the communities served.

I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration and own a small business located in the 5th District.

I have served as a bilingual radio host for Entravision Communications and hosted a local talk show covering county issues.


Age: 40

As a third generation resident of the 5th District, I am proud to raise my three children in the same neighborhood where I grew up. Through hard work and determination, I was the first in my family to attend college and graduate from Georgetown, Harvard, and USC.

I have spent my career serving the residents of San Bernardino County as a member of the Colton School Board and as Chief of Staff for 5th District Supervisor Josie Gonzales.

I am honored that our Firefighters have endorsed our campaign and support my vision to:

• Improve our public safety

• Expand access to education and training

• Deliver affordable housing and healthcare

• Bring quality economic development to our region

As a member of the School Board, I've helped expand educational opportunities and improve facilities for students, including:

• Construction of a new Bloomington High School Stadium

• Renovation of the Colton High School Memorial Stadium

• Establishing a new adult school and expanding vocational training programs

• Priority admission for local students to the California University of Science and Medicine

We can accomplish more by working together. On March 3, I ask you to vote Dan Flores for Supervisor.

----- JOE BACA, JR.

Age: 50

Councilman / School Teacher

I was raised in this community, attending our local schools and becoming active in our community. I have the right experience to understand your needs and will ensure that San Bernardino County delivers the service you deserve.

I have experience as a State Assemblyman and Rialto City Councilman since 2006 to present. I have led the economic transformation of the city through adding jobs and shopping opportunities such as the Renaissance Marketplace. I increased funding for senior programs, after-school programs, and our police and fire departments. I am also honored to serve our community as a teacher and coached softball at Rialto High School.

As your next County Supervisor, I will:

• Increase public safety by giving our law enforcement the tools they need and adding more public safety resources.

• Increase economic development by attracting more businesses, adding job opportunities, and increasing job training programs.

• Improve county services for veterans and seniors; expand youth programs and parks services.

As a resident and teacher, I will fight for you as I do every day for my neighbors and students. I have delivered for Rialto and I can do the same for San Bernardino County. I would be honored to have your support.

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