Dear Editor:

This is a reply to the article about Auto Club Speedway and the decline of attendance (July 26).

There is a very easy solution to this problem for NASCAR. They like many businesses in this country have taken advantage of a good economy.

NASCAR has a very short memory. Ontario had a major speedway for years and was torn down due to the lack of attendance for NASCAR and Indy car races. The land was more valuable to build commercial properties. Then in 1997 with the resurgence of the economy and the availability of land where the old Kaiser Steel plant once was, a new racetrack with great expectations was built. Fontana was awarded two races in the early years, one in February and the other in October. However, a few years ago, the second race was taken away as NASCAR revised their schedule and gave certain tracks more races.

The price of admission, long restroom lines, GREED and the ability to be able to watch the race from the comfort of one's home here in Southern California have contributed to the decline in attendance. I have been to numerous tracks to watch NASCAR; Fontana does a fantastic job with its transportation for fans attending and has many dedicated volunteers, but the greed of NASCAR, the format of the racing, along with the reasons I have mentioned is why NASCAR racing is slowly dying.

Scott Diamond


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