Dear Editor:

At the last Fontana City Council meeting (as well as several previous ones), there were literally hundreds of citizens in attendance who were against more proposed warehouses that will negatively affect residents of Fontana, Bloomington and Jurupa Valley. Many verbally expressed their reasons why those warehouses are not wanted.

The out-of-town developer presented a stack of letters to each council member from supposedly local citizens who praised his warehouse development. However, after actually looking over the letters, Councilmember Jesse Sandoval pointed out that the vast majority of them came from cities other than those who will be negatively affected by these monstrosities!

It was disturbing to see most of our council members not even looking at the speakers who stood up to speak against the development. Not only was it rude, but it appeared that they had already made up their minds. Therefore, it was not surprising when the council voted in favor of the warehouses. (Thank you Jesse Sandoval, for NOT voting in favor of them!)

This vote was against the will of the people! Representatives are supposed to represent their citizens. In this case, they represented out-of-town developers, instead. Sad...

Darlene Scalf


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