Dear Editor:

The Fontana City Council’s 3-1 decision to approve the West Valley Logistics Center was another short sighted act from this council.

This project was originally intended to be 1,154 homes, 20-acre park, and an elementary school, but through a general plan amendment, zoning change, and overriding considerations of the Environmental Impact Report, it will now be seven logistical centers.

We have a housing crisis and declining enrollment at our local schools, yet the Fontana City Council still continues to rezone residential in favor of industrial.

WVLC received stark opposition from community members, state representatives, Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, County of San Bernardino, City of Jurupa Valley and Bloomington MAC, as well as an original denial from staff. This clearly showcases how special interests remain influential amongst Fontana policymakers.

Sadly, the Inland Empire logistics industry is set to be transformed by automation, whereas the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario metro area will be the third most likely in the United States to suffer from automation (62.6 percent of jobs), after Las Vegas and El Paso.

UST-CB Partners, L.P. cited a $740 million economic contribution to this area but failed to provide an enforceable contract. Instead, city leaders will be unable to deliver a true community benefit project that would ensure proper mitigations and economic prosperity through providing a livable wage for workers while guaranteeing local residents permanently fill these jobs.

Kareem Gongora

Member, SBCSS County Committee on School District Organization


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