Kaiser Band

Members of the Kaiser High School Band march in the Fontana Christmas Parade in December. On Jan. 1, the Kaiser students performed in the Rose Parade in Pasadena.  (Herald News photo by Alejandro Cano)

Dear Editor:

Fontana is extremely proud of Henry J. Kaiser High School's participation in this year's Rose Parade.

And anyone who has ever been in a marching band, or color guard, is in awe of them being able to march an entire 5 1/2 miles in that parade!

Congratulations go to the school band and color guard members, to Mr. Allmond, the band director, to principal Mr. Abernathy, and to Kaiser High in general. The Fontana Unified School District is also to be congratulated on supporting the musical arts curriculum in such a rewarding way.

It cost a lot of money (more than $100,000?!) to pay for this endeavor. Thanks to the many citizens, parents and organizations who contributed to help make this dream come true!

There are two high schools in the United States named after Henry J. Kaiser: the one here in Fontana, and another one in Hawaii, where Henry J. lived when he died in 1967.

And we are very appreciative of the $10,000 donation to the Henry J. Kaiser High School band by Kaiser Permanente.

Of the 200 businesses Kaiser ran during his lifetime (Kaiser Steel, Kaiser Cement, Kaiser Aluminum, etc., etc., etc...), Kaiser Permanente was the one he was most proud of, because he knew he had helped save the lives of millions. And it is the only enterprise in which the Kaiser family is still involved.

If anyone would like more information about Fontana's former Kaiser Steel Mill, or the life of Henry J. Kaiser, go check out the Henry J. Kaiser archives in the History Room at the Lewis Library and Technology Center in Fontana.

Darlene Willis Scalf


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