Dear Editor:

The Democratic National Committee will be hosting many different presidential debates over the coming year, but so far they’ve never hosted one specifically about climate change.

I'm writing because our area of the country will be (and already has been) greatly impacted by climate change, and we need to devote more time to the issue to make the best decisions on who to vote for.

In order to put the spotlight on this, I am urging the DNC to reconsider its decision not to host a presidential debate on environmental issues.

If we don’t step up and push candidates to say ‘yes’ to the Green New Deal and ‘no’ to fossil fuels, then communities like ours across the country will suffer.

Miami, where the first presidential debate was located, is projected to face anywhere from one to three feet of sea level rise by 2060.

Therefore, I urge the DNC and Chairman Tom Perez to change their stance and provide a forum for the 2020 candidates to debate one of the most pressing issues facing humanity today.

Zoe Salveson

Rancho Cucamonga

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