Dear Editor:

In response to Toby Boyd's article in the Sept. 18 edition of the Herald News regarding Proposition 15:

Californians defeated a similar proposal on the March 3 primary and there have been several legislative attempts to defeat Proposition 13 (Howard Jarvis Act), 2014, 2015, 2018 as well as March of 2020.

They say this money will be for education but what it really does is it will allow the state and counties to raise property taxes at will. As of now, property taxes on a home/business cannot be raised until the home is sold and a new buyer moves in.

If this bill was to pass and as you can see they continually try and push it more than any other bill, many homeowners would end up foreclosing as they would not be able to afford the house payments. Many renters would not be able to afford the increase in rent.

This is a socialist supported bill and the State of California fooled the public with Proposition 6, the gas tax, raised DMV registration fees as some of the highest in the country, and also have a watercraft tax that is 10 percent of the value every year. You know how many watercraft are in California, how many yachts?

Do not be fooled by creative language. Do your homework and please make it to your polling place on Nov. 3 to protect us from higher taxes.

Scott Diamond


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