Dear Editor:

Mayor Warren says "It’s a new year, new decade,” but yet nothing changes.

She still allows huge industrial complexes to enter Fontana. Many residents say it’s disturbing.

An area newspaper has claimed that these industrial complexes are contributing to our climate crisis. This must end now!

Robert Gonzalez


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Commen sense, we know it's bad for all of us how could it not be. I wonder if they get all these approvals from the EPA easier because of Mayor Warren's Cronney Peter Garcia. Mayor put him on the school board, because fontana school district controls alot of developer fees and taxes etc. Peter Garcia is a Scientiest for the state of Ca EPA, Environmental protection agency. Dont you think it's time he was looked into? That's why EVERYONE BUT OUR LEADERS SAY OUR AIR QUALITY IS THE WORST IN THE SOUTHERN CA. BUT WARREN SAYS ITS BEAUTIFUL. How long are we going to let them ruin our quality of life and the future of our children and our health? It's up to is to stop this. Power in numbers. Because not only that but Warren has a Mayors education coalition that has no parents or Teacher invited. She wants to create a pipeline of our kids to work on these warehouse. Pay attention talk to your kids.

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