Dear Editor:

On Dec. 18, award-winning chief economist for the Inland Empire, John Husing, stated that President Trump's policies on trade (tariffs) have had a severe negative impact on the logistics sector of Southern California, and especially here in the Inland Empire!

Therefore, unless we want lots more empty warehouses, no Inland Empire cities should agree to building more warehouses, as long as these trade policies continue to exist!

The only entities to profit from building more warehouses, that could remain empty for years, are the out-of-town developers who build those warehouses. And the politicians who accepted money from those out-of-town developers, for their political Super PACs, in exchange for promises from those politicians for "Yes" votes on their projects!

Recently I met a woman studying for her PhD. She and her husband bought a house here in Fontana 15 years ago. Their three children attend great Fontana schools, and they loved Fontana ... until now. They are moving away. Why? Because they can't stand the 24-7 noise from the trucks moving to and from the warehouses. Warehouses that were not there when they originally bought their home!

No one wants to live near a warehouse and diesel truck traffic.

The average warehouse job does not provide enough money for a living wage. And most of those jobs lack benefits or union protections.

Diesel fumes cause numerous documented health issues. The trucks cause traffic problems and destroy our roads.

Our local politicians are supposed to represent our citizens, not out-of-town developers. If any Fontana politician has benefited during any election, from money originating from out-of-town developers, hoping for "yes" votes on their warehouse proposals, those politicians must recuse themselves from voting on their proposals. Doing otherwise is a conflict of interest.

Darlene Willis Scalf


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