Dear Editor:

Earlier this month, Dolores Huerta International Academy families learned our Principal Maribel Lopez-Tyus was being removed and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme authorization process was being “paused.”

However, according to IB, the process takes between two and three years, whereas, we were in our third year, but have been on “pause” since February 2019 without any notice to parents.

In fact, for the past three years, we haven’t been told about where our children will attend middle school.

Fontana Unified School District wants parents to be involved in our children’s education, but when we ask questions for clarity, we are either dismissed or lied to. Unfortunately, we can no longer sit quietly and expect the district to serve our students and engage us. We have to stand up and be our children’s voice.

This is why are asking for the following to be in a board resolution at the next school board meeting:

Moving forward with continued candidate status to achieve IB accreditation and certification; continuous teacher IB training and planning to start on August 2019; development of IB units across all grade levels to start on August 2019; to rescind administrative changes; codified language in Board Policy 6141.4 that designates DHIA as an International Baccalaureate Programme school; and to develop a comprehensive plan and breakdown of the phases, associated costs, and timelines associated with accreditation.

As parents, we want to work collaboratively to raise the standard of education in our community, but we must hold our public administrators and elected officials accountable.

Candy Lopez

Concerned Parents of Dolores Huerta International Academy


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