Dear Editor:

Proposition 70’s defeat shows we’re serious about climate investments.

California’s environmental justice communities made it loud and clear that they want innovative climate investments by rejecting Prop. 70 -- the latest attempt to sway policy in favor of big oil at our cost.

This dirty scheme would have eliminated jobs and grassroots sustainability plans by budget gridlocks and greedy special interests.

By stopping Prop. 70, voters are telling lawmakers they believe in the economic and social potential climate action brings to historically disadvantaged regions like the Inland Empire.

With Prop. 70’s passage, groundbreaking programs like the Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) would have been eliminated. Instead, the proposition’s defeat establishes the state’s commitment to improving people’s quality of life through affordable housing, job training, energy efficiency upgrades, active transportation infrastructure, food security projects, and urban greening projects.

Through our hard work this election, we’ve proven to industry that our voices are powerful. We believe it’s time for the Inland Valley to stop being toxic dumping sites and transform into the rich and vibrant communities we know they can be.

Italia Garcia

Jurupa Valley

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