Dear Editor:

Recently I flew from New Orleans to Ontario, with a window seat, so I could observe the landscape on the way. Even with a stopover in Dallas, most of what I saw were small towns, farms and snow-covered mountains.

It was not until the pilot announced that we would land in Ontario, in less than 30 minutes, that I saw a literal sea of warehouses. Anyone looking for a possible beautiful new place to live, by observing the terrain from an airplane, would NOT pick the Inland Empire!

On the front page of last week’s Herald News, there was an article reporting that our Fontana City Council had approved yet another warehouse project in the city. Further, it noted that, unlike in the past, no citizens were there to oppose the project, and that only one council member, Jesse Sandoval, has often voted against those projects, because of concerns about health, environment, and traffic issues that will result, and adversely affect those who live here.

In my opinion, those of us who have opposed these warehouses in the past, at City Council meetings, and in other ways, have come to realize that our concerns are routinely ignored by most of our city representatives.

Instead of caring about what the majority of our citizens actually want (no more warehouses), all they seem to care about is what out-of-town developers want, as well as the money they donate to their political Super PACs.

So, why should we waste our time explaining our concerns to our “public servants,” who ignore us?

Darlene Scalf


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