Dear Editor:

The proposed Red Hook Capital Partners charter high school on Sierra Avenue and south of Miller Avenue will be very damaging to the City of Fontana and its residents. Therefore, I am opposed to its approval by the City.

There are several reasons for opposing its going forward. Some of the reasons are environmental, economic, social, racial, political, legal, and constitutional.

By declaring the project “A Mitigated Negative Declaration” project, the CEQA issues are not addressed. Such shortcuts to environmental issues are what has caused the air quality in Fontana to be unacceptable and unhealthy. California Attorney General Rob Bonta has sued Fontana for its neglect of CEQA requirements. This project will cause traffic congestion, pollution, noise, safety, health, crime, policing and many other problems.

The necessity and effectiveness for the project has not been investigated.

Charter schools increase school costs and adversely impact the support and funding of the classic public education system that has served well the nation for centuries.

The project is located in a prime commercial and residential zoned area and will adversely impact such uses. A zone change or special use permit may also be required.

The project will reduce the value of the commercial and residential projects and that will result in smaller property tax income for the City. Many property owners and residents will be damaged and inconvenienced.

The project adversely impacts the unity/cohesiveness of the community.

For all of the above reasons, this project should not be approved.

Rob Constant

Rancho Palos Verdes

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