Dear Editor:

The majority of citizens of Fontana, Bloomington and Jurupa Valley are very grateful for the lawsuits recently filed by San Bernardino County and two environmental/conservation groups against the City of Fontana for approving the West Valley Logistics Center.

It was very disturbing to watch the majority of the City Council members ignore the wishes of the majority of affected citizens, legitimate environmental concerns, and proper objections from the County over this proposed development.

So, will the City Council admit their mistake, and drop the project?

Or will it insist on fighting these legitimate lawsuits, wasting the citizens' tax money, even though the majority of those citizens do not want those warehouses?

And if the City Council does drop the project, I wonder if the out-of-town developers will want the money back they donated to the Super PAC, which helped get certain City Council members elected, in hopes they would vote for their warehouse projects?

Darlene Scalf


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