Dear Editor:

There is so much wrong with the attempt to turn the historic Fontana Woman's Club into a 5-star restaurant!

1) The proposal was not explained to the general membership, nor discussed, nor allowed to be voted on by the members of the Fontana Woman's Club.

2) Why would the city use taxpayer money to subsidize a new restaurant, and ignore the other restaurants north and south of that building, or in any other part of town?

3) The immediate area surrounding that building is frequented by the homeless, on a 24-hour basis. Not exactly a 5-star restaurant location!

4) Other 5-star restaurants in town have closed because of a lack of customers. The Olive Garden and Salvatore's are only two examples.The demographics of Fontana have proved that it has not been viable, in the past. And those demographics have not changed!

5) The bylaws of the nonprofit Woman's Club state that if the building and grounds are ever no longer to be used by the club, it must be donated to another nonprofit. And a restaurant is not a nonprofit!

6) Because that building has historic significance to the city of Fontana, it would make much more sense to renovate it for a museum! The city has been promising a museum to its citizens, for many years, to no avail! And the Historical Society (another nonprofit, by the way) has spent many thousands of dollars to store historical artifacts, in anticipation of that long-promised museum!

7) It is true that Phillip Cothran, Jr. recused himself from the discussion and voting on this proposal, because of a clear conflict of interest. However, two others on the council did not, and they should have!

Mayor Acquanetta Warren is a member of the Fontana Woman's Club and its parliamentarian. And John Roberts is on the board of the Fontana Historical Society, whose reason for being is to preserve Fontana's history, artifacts and significant properties. Both should have recused themselves because of a clear conflict of interest! And if they had recused themselves, as required by law, the proposal would not have passed!

Darlene Willis Scalf


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