Dear Editor:

Why do so many of our city and county representatives still continue to okay warehouse development in our communities? The vast majority of residents, whom they are supposed to be representing, do not want them!

Most of those warehouse jobs are only part-time, low-wage, with no union protections or benefits. And report after report points out that the majority of the jobs created by those warehouses will soon be replaced by robots!

For example, a front page article in the Business section of the Los Angeles Times, on Jan. 24 predicts that if you live in San Bernardino County, and have a job in a warehouse, it is extremely likely that robots will very soon take over your job! The Brookings Institute's sponsored 10-page referenced report predicts that about a quarter of all current U.S. jobs will soon be automated, putting millions out of work across the United States!

A 2017 study by the Institute for Spatial Economic Analysis at the University of Redlands found that the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario-metro area was the third most likely in the U.S. to suffer from automation (62.6 percent)."

The higher education a person has, the less likely s/he is to lose their job to automation, according to the report. Therefore, most students should be encouraged to obtain the highest college or university degree possible, instead of settling for a warehouse job!

Some of the best paying jobs that should not be replaced by automation include scientists, engineers, managers, teachers, doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians, mathematicians, writers, artists, musicians, and designers. Students should be encouraged to go into those fields.

Again, I ask, with so many of these economic reports deluging the news, why do our local city and county representatives continue to okay warehouse development, against the wishes of almost all citizens, and advice from nationally respected economists?

Darlene Willis Scalf


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Darlene, your letter is a bit confusing. It appears that on one hand you don't want automation because it takes away jobs, but then you say that people should get a better education so they don't have to settle for a low paying job. Unfortunately, there will always be the under educated among us. I don't believe that you have to get a college degree to obtain a good job. I personally never graduated from college, but had a very respectable career that paid well and provides an excellent retirement for me. There are plenty of good paying jobs out there for blue collar workers, but they do have a price tag of some type of training/tech schools. I have no issue with companies replacing workers with automation when possible. If you remove the human element from warehouses (for example), you don't have to deal with the lazy or the perpetually sick or those that sexually harass or that are discipline problems or ??? These types of jobs almost always attract the less motivated to better themselves members of society since all it takes usually to be a warehouse worker is to be breathing and have a pulse to apply.


I think that a lot of personnel in the logistics and warehousing industries should really start doing some courses on how to run those automated machines that will govern all the storage facilities in the coming years if they want to keep their jobs…

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