Cory brothers

Johnathan Cory (left) and Shawn Cory are Fontana Police Department officers.

A post on the Fontana Police Department Facebook page made a lot of local ladies particularly happy last week.

April 10 was known as National Siblings Day, and the Fontana P.D. posted a photo of the Cory brothers, both of whom are officers in the department. Johnathan Cory is a motor officer and Shawn Cory, his twin brother, works patrol.

The photo received more than 1,100 likes and more than 140 comments, mostly from women who apparently believe that the officers are extremely attractive. In fact, here are just a few of the comments that women posted:

• "So which end of Fontana do they work? Asking … in case I do something illegal"

• "Hey officers, pull me over! I’ll be speeding all week"

• "I drive my son to school every day near Cherry and Jurupa around 7:05 a.m. Sometimes I break the law ... Kinda makes me want to run a stop sign"

• "I'd like to report a crime I committed"

• "Well, looks like I'm about to go grab some gum and run very slowly from Cardenas on Citrus and Foothill. Just in case they're wondering."

• "OMG -- Handcuff me please!"

• "Anything I say can and WILL be held against me?"

• "I will be speeding tomorrow"

• "I'm committing a crime right now, cuff me and frisk me"

• "I think I might move to Fontana LOL"

• "I went 30 mph over the speed limit. Cuff me"

• "Please take me in for questioning"

• "I love you, man! They are hot so I was thinking all of the same things!!!"

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