2018 was the year of developments in the City of Fontana. But now, with these developments complete or nearing completion, 2019 is officially the year of jobs.

Recently, our City has been ranked nationally on Wallethub’s “2019’s Best Places to Find a Job” due in part to our increase in job opportunities and housing affordability.

Bringing jobs into Fontana has always been one of my top priorities.

From north to south, east to west, we saw the construction of new developments across the City in 2018. These developments continue to create a diverse job market.

We have a diverse group of folks in our City; therefore, the jobs we offer should be just as diverse.

The jobs of 2019 include food, retail, hospitality and manufacturing. The Highland Village Shopping Center, with the first business already open, brings hundreds of jobs to the food service and retail industries. The Fontana Auto Center is also drawing jobs in with its expansion to now include Mazda. Let’s not forget the TownePlace Suites by Marriott, the second hotel to come to South Fontana.

In 2018, the City of Fontana approved 1,430,000 square feet of warehouse logistics facilities. We plan on welcoming two more warehouses to our City in the near future. These facilities will bring hundreds of additional jobs.

As a GlobeSt.com article puts it: “job growth is catalyzing big changes in Fontana.” I believe we’re ready for these big changes in Fontana.

Our growing job market has made our City one of the fastest growing cities in California, and I am committed to creating affordable housing for all those who wish to call Fontana home. Our newest affordable homes include the Rosena Fountains multi-family housing, which we celebrated the opening in the spring of 2018. The next project will be the Sierra and Ramona multi-family housing.

The current economic climate in Fontana is the result of a clear vision, deliberate planning and strong partnerships such as the Fontana Chamber of Commerce. We understand that you must work together to bring long-term results.

“I believe we are seeing the results of the goals set forth by the city many years ago with the assistance of the Fontana Chamber of Commerce. Abundance is what we want our economic systems to provide and that’s exactly what Fontana is poised to achieve,” said Fontana Chamber of Commerce Board Chair Amy Loera.

Although Fontana has been recognized for its job growth, I won’t stop pushing for more jobs in our City and creating the best possible place for all those who come to Fontana, whether it be to live, work or play.

(Acquanetta Warren is the mayor of Fontana.)

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In the fluctuating economy that we are currently thriving in today, knowing that job opportunities are being created as we speak is definitely assuring. Some of us could have been waiting for quite some time and this is the year that our wait would finally be over.


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