Members of the Kaiser High School band and football team were honored at the Fontana City Council meeting on Jan. 22.  (Contributed photo by Kaiser High School)

I declared Jan. 22, 2019 as Henry J. Kaiser High School Day to applaud the efforts of the Kaiser Cats football team and the Catamount Pride Band and Color Guard.

The football team experienced its best season ever, including winning the CIF championship and taking second place in the state.

The Catamount Pride Band and Color Guard continue to be ranked as a “world class high school marching band” and made history by being selected to kick off the world-famous Rose Parade with a performance alongside Chaka Khan and Jordan Fisher. In addition to being hand-picked to perform with the stars, they proudly marched the 5.5-mile route while dazzling us with their musical selection. These students exemplify the Fontana spirit, making them the perfect candidate to have a day named in their honor in the City of Fontana.

Not only did the band, color guard and football team train hard to earn their success, they also were able to bring the community together to support their efforts, both financially and spiritually. These students captured our hearts through their hard work and determination and asked leaders in the community to lend their support, and the response was huge.

Several community members made donations ranging from $5,000 and up, such as the Kaiser Foundation, David Weiner, and Intex Foundation. We thank all those who donated for their generous support. They even received a donation of a trailer by Ralph Thayer for the students to use in transporting band supplies to the Rose Parade.

We are blessed Fontana. When it comes to our students, we showed the power of working together as a community to support their dreams. There are no limits for our students and, today, we celebrate the amazing accomplishments by Kaiser High School students. Together we are Fontana Proud.

Our students are going places. This week, I am proud to recognize the outstanding work our Kaiser High School students are putting in during and after school to achieve their dreams and show the world Fontana is in it to win it.

(Acquanetta Warren is the mayor of Fontana.)

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