Americans are starved for solutions to the problems they face in their daily lives, and mayors across the country are answering the call with action and fresh ideas.

As we work within our communities to address the challenges and opportunities in front of us, we also realize that there must be a partnership with the federal government to fully reach our potential.

During the recent State of the City, I shared the vision for Fontana and how we are going to continue making the city stronger than ever.

I am a proud member of the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM), and earlier this election cycle, we introduced a policy agenda to take on the great challenges of our time.

“The Mayors’ 2020 Vision: A Call to Action” is our effort to drive national leaders toward bipartisan solutions that will strengthen communities and improve people’s lives. It offers specific answers to challenges such as climate change, infrastructure, homelessness, workforce development, and gun violence. And it recognizes that only by working together, locally and at the federal level, can we meet our full potential as a people and country.

Our “Mayors 2020 Vision: A Call to Action” is based on the Three I’s: Infrastructure, Innovation, and Inclusion, and all of it is focused on improving people’s lives.

We know that no matter who is elected this year, there will still be significant challenges facing communities. We can’t let partisanship get in the way of helping people. That is why we mayors are using our voices to offer a bipartisan vision for our future.

Fontana is showing the country what can get done when we focus on policy rather than politics. Please look at our recent State of the City address showing how Fontana is stronger than ever at

As we move ahead, we are going to keep leading locally, and I’m ready to work with anyone in Washington to make sure the federal government is doing its part.

The Mayors’ 2020 Vision for America: A Call to Action urges Washington to:

• Protect and advance human and civil rights

• Re-imagine and modernize the nation’s transportation infrastructure and invest in America’s water and wastewater systems

• Address climate change by accelerating clean energy use and embrace efficient, effective modern technology while protecting consumers and cities

• Strengthen education, improve schools, and build the workforce of the future.

• Join with mayors and police chiefs to support public safety for all

• Fix our broken immigration system

• Make housing more affordable and end homelessness

• Guarantee access to affordable, quality healthcare, and critical human services

• Rewrite the tax code to help hardworking taxpayers

• Reduce economic inequality

• Promote American exports, fair trade, and international tourism.

----- AS I MENTIONED during my recent State of the City address, we embrace our next generation of leaders by investing in them and preparing them for the future.

Fontana’s upcoming Mayors Youth Advisory Council “Teen Leadership Summit” is a wonderful example of local leadership by our youth toward solving the challenges our teens face daily.

The Summit will be held this Saturday, March 7 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It will feature student workshops on “Empowering the Leader in You” and “Preparing for Success.” In addition, parent workshops will focus on student safety with great speakers and exhibits. For more information, go to

This is just the beginning. I will continue to provide updates on issues I announced during our State of the City to ensure you are informed on improvements made in our great city. To keep in touch with city news, remember to subscribe at

(Acquanetta Warren is the mayor of Fontana.)

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