“We can be proud of what we have accomplished together, but I deeply believe in our potential to be safer, stronger and MORE prosperous. Our best truly is yet to come. My goal is to bring the citizens of Fontana together as One Fontana -- where everyone shares the same excellent quality of life.”

This was my message during the campaign and it is my goal for the coming years.

Thank you to all of Fontana for believing in that goal by re-electing me as mayor of this great city.

I will not forget your concerns and issues you made me aware of during my door-to-door discussions, focus groups and meet and greet efforts to continue my position as mayor. I wrote down each item and have been following up on those concerns. Many of you have already received my answers and comments. I appreciate that many of you expressed the need to have more information on all programs and services provided to our residents.

My priorities will continue to be increasing economic growth, adding quality technical jobs and continuing my push to make Fontana a national manufacturing hub and ensuring our students receive the proper training to take these jobs.

The major trust you had of me was to keep Fontana’s homes and businesses safe and prosperous. I will continue to work closely with our Fire and Police to maintain that trust.

• I will work to tackle homelessness.

• I will facilitate the Auto Center Dealerships expansion with plans for six new dealerships by 2022.

• I will continue to improve transportation corridors to enhance traffic flow and safety citywide.

• I will add exciting new mixed-use spaces downtown including quality restaurants and a brewery.

• I will launch construction of new parks and renovate equipment and landscape at our existing parks.

• I will create housing opportunities that fit the needs of all our citizens.

Thank you Fontana for allowing me the opportunity to lead our great City Council and staff toward not only meeting these promises, but surpassing them as well.

You can participate in our first official vote of certifying the election and join us for the swearing-in ceremony next Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 6 p.m. inside the Grover W. Taylor Council Chambers at City Hall, located at 8353 Sierra Avenue. You can also watch it live on our website at https://fontanaca.swagit.com/live. The 2018-2022 Team Fontana Members will be sworn in to begin the work promised during the campaign. I’m on a mission to take Fontana to new heights. Team Fontana will keep Fontana safe, strong, and prosperous.

(Acquanetta Warren is the mayor of Fontana.)

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