Fontana School Board

The Fontana School Board members are (left to right) Mars Serna, Adam Perez, Mary Sandoval, Peter Garcia, Jashandeep Lobana (nonvoting student board member), and Jason O’Brien. The new president is O’Brien and the new vice president is Serna.  (Herald News photo by Alejandro Cano)

Now that the 2018 election results are finalized, Fontana residents are seeing a few new faces -- as well as many familiar ones -- in leadership positions.

The Fontana City Council held its swearing-in ceremony on Dec. 11, and newcomer Phillip Cothran began his first term in public office. At age 27, Cothran, a Fontana businessman, is bringing youthful enthusiasm and vitality to the City Council as the representative from District 1. Also in the city election, four incumbents -- Mayor Acquanetta Warren, City Councilmember John Roberts (representing District 4), City Treasurer Janet Koehler-Brooks, and City Clerk Tonia "Toni" Lewis -- were approved by the voters to continue their service to the community.

On Dec. 12, three members took their oaths of office on the Fontana School Board. Adam Perez, a police officer, is starting his first term, while Mary Sandoval and Mars Serna were reelected.

Let's hope that these ceremonies represent a fresh start for Fontana's elected officials and that they are able to work well with each other in order to make progress on important issues facing the local area.

----- THE ELECTION was very significant at the national level as Democrats took control of the House of Representatives. Norma Torres and Pete Aguilar, both Democrats, will continue to represent Fontana in the House.

Democrats will now have an opportunity to put a much-needed check on the Trump White House. In addition, Democrats and Republicans should join together in passing legislation that will benefit all Americans -- especially in regard to infrastructure improvements. Last year, Trump hosted what was considered to be a major summit on infrastructure (which was attended by Fontana's mayor), but afterward no action was taken, and it was sad to see the administration completely neglect this vital issue. Providing additional money to help repair our local highways would be great for motorists and would also boost the economy; it should be a top priority in 2019.

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