The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence released the Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report on Dec. 3.

This report proves beyond the shadow of a doubt what we already know: that President Trump withheld much-needed military aid from Ukraine to pressure them into investigating his political opponent, and that he tried to cover it up when he was caught.

These actions don’t just betray his oath of office -- they threaten our national security, destabilize a key ally at a time of need, and undermine our electoral system.

When we see a web of corruption like this, it’s usually prosecuted under the RICO Act. President Trump’s behavior, as outlined in exceptional detail in this report, is no different from those crime bosses.

I commend my colleagues on the Intelligence Committee for their tireless efforts to bring every possible detail to light. The integrity of our system of government, and our place in the global community, are at stake. The Congressional oath of office is intended to protect us from compromising moments like this -- it’s time for every Member of Congress to live up to the words they were sworn in by.

(Congresswoman Norma J. Torres represents the 35th District, which includes part of Fontana.)

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Only in this day and age can a President be impeached because the party in power doesn't like him.

The articles of impeachment list absolutely no crimes.

Obstruction of Congress in not a crime and is defined nowhere in law or the Constitution.

Abuse of power is also not defined by law or statue.

It is at the discretion of the person(s) alleging the abuse - completely subjective.

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