Returning to school

A student walks to the entrance of Juniper Elementary School on the morning of April 6.  She passes a sign which says, “Welcome Back to School JAGUARS!”  Young students are now being permitted to return to in-person instruction in the FUSD after a year of Distance Learning because of COVID-19.

After more than a year of grief, there is some good news for local residents regarding the coronavirus this week.

• San Bernardino County moved from the Red Tier to the Orange Tier on April 7, meaning that there will be an easing of certain restrictions.

• All persons who live or work in the county ages 16 are now eligible to get vaccinated, the county announced.

• School sites in Fontana are now starting to reopen, enabling students to finally be able to see their friends and teachers in person once again.

San Bernardino County Public Health Director Andrew Goldfrach said that the county seems to be improving rapidly, especially as more residents get vaccinated. However, he added that “we need to remain vigilant if we’re to keep the coronavirus at bay.”

Goldfrach wants residents to remember that those not yet “fully vaccinated” -- meaning it’s been 14 days since their second shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine (or first shot of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine) -- are still at some risk of either catching or spreading the virus. And everyone else not yet vaccinated needs to continue wearing face masks when indoors (and outdoors when social distancing isn’t practical), avoiding close contact with others, and washing their hands frequently.

“We’ve made excellent progress the past few weeks,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. "But let’s all remain cautious and keep safety top of mind until everyone has a chance to get vaccinated.”

To schedule an appointment for a vaccination, visit

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