The City of Fontana honored students who participated in the Dr. Charles Koehler Veterans Day Contests during the Veterans Day ceremony on Nov. 11 at Miller Park.

Three students took top honors in the essay contest and three more students received awards in the art contest. The students received prizes from City Councilmember Jesse Sandoval.

The three winning essays are reprinted here:

----- First place: Va’Liyah Bryant, Hemlock Elementary School, 5th grade

Veterans Day means freedom, sacrifice and honor for those who served in the military.

It also means to give thanks to people who served.

We should be brave and strong hearted when we meet veterans.

Without Veterans Day, many Americans would forget them and the sacrifices they made.

----- Second place: Madalyn Serpa, Hemlock Elementary School, 5th grade

Veterans Day is a great day. It’s a day we appreciate the veterans that fought for our country we live in today.

Veterans are very important people. Veterans are strong, loyal, and brave. They are risking their lives for us and our country. Veterans don’t have to do these things but they choose to protect us and our country, which is a very brave thing to do.

Veterans have their own special day to be celebrated. A day to enjoy with their families. Veterans Day is a very important day to me because I know that some people care about our country.

----- Third place: Imran Chaudhery, Wayne Ruble Middle School, 8th grade

Veterans Day means to honor the people who serve our country. Those who have fought for it and those who are fighting right now.

It is the remembrance of those people who put their lives on the line time and time again. Of those people who have dedicated their lives to serve our country. Those who go in extreme circumstances just for the protection of their country and everyone in it.

Some of them help save their friends on the field. They have danger in every step because there might be a land mine there. The people who don’t know whether they might survive another day. The people who may not ever see their loved ones again.

Veterans Day means to me respecting, honoring, and being grateful of what these veterans had to go through every day or still doing right now.

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