The accomplishments of Little League all-star softball and baseball players from Fontana were celebrated during a Fontana City Council meeting last month.

Four local teams were honored for their outstanding performances in district, section, division, and state competition this past summer.

"The Fontana teams just killed it this year; they were awesome," said Rick Fontana, the administrator for District 71, which includes the cities of Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga.

The Southridge 9-10 softball squad, coached by Bryan Cruz, was extremely successful, winning championships in the district, section, and division tournaments and going on to finish No. 2 in the entire state.

"If you go to the state tournament in California, that's a big deal, because there are more teams and districts and leagues in California than any other state in the country, so it's a huge accomplishment," Fontana said.

He added that he hopes the girls will continue to thrive as they advance into the upper age divisions.

"They put a lot of hard work in," Cruz said. "I expect a lot of things out of them in the next couple of years. Hopefully we will get to the (Little League) World Series one day."

----- ALSO doing a great job during the playoffs were the Southridge 11-12 softball players, who won the district and section tourneys and advanced to the state competition.

----- PLUS, the Elks Junior (12-14) softball team won the district tournament, and the Fontana American Senior (14-16) baseball players triumphed in the district and section tournaments and went to the state.

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