Normally during April, the Jurupa Hills High School football field would be bustling with track and field competitions, but this year the stadium has been completely closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic. This photo was recently posted on Instagram by Jurupa Hills.

Normally during the month of April, the athletic fields at schools in Fontana would be bustling with activity as students participate in baseball, softball, track, and other sports.

But this year, all of the excitement of competition has been shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic.

So what are the athletes doing in the meantime?

Henry Jauregui, a senior on the Jurupa Hills baseball team, said he is aiming to stay in good physical condition as he prepares for a future that is free from COVID-19.

"I'm playing catch now as much as I can," he said in an Instagram post. "That way, next year, when I'm at a community college, I can be the best I can be, and hopefully in a year or two, I'll transfer out to a Division I or Division II school."

Jauregui said he is sad that he didn't get to complete his last year with the Spartans.

"But I realize that this problem is bigger than baseball," he said, "and we just have to come together as a community and help each other out."

Jauregui and the Spartans were playing well before the season was abruptly halted. He was batting .476 and had a 3-0 record as a pitcher with a 1.24 ERA, helping to propel Jurupa Hills into first place in the San Andreas League standings.

Also at Jurupa Hills, Jackie Simon, the coach of the girls' basketball team, posted an Instagram message to her players, trying to inject some positivity into the unfortunate situation.

"I know it's a trying time, and you might find yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands," Simon said. "Try to use your time productively."

She urged the students to keep up with their online school work.

"Try to help your family as much as you can around the house," she added. "Look for that neighbor in need. Maybe it's an elderly person or someone who can't do things for themselves.

"Try to maintain your physical condition by doing something physically fit. And try to do something for your soul -- something you love, something you're passionate about -- and we will all come out of this Spartan strong."

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