Jurupa Hills

The Jurupa Hills High School football field, seen in this 2019 photo, will now be able to be utilized by athletes participating in fall sports.  The FUSD has outlined plans to allow prep athletes to begin modified athletic training and conditioning.

Fontana Unified School District has outlined plans to allow prep student-athletes to begin modified athletic training and conditioning for fall sports on Nov. 2, while adhering to strict safety guidelines and public health orders, the district said in a news release.

The phased introduction of athletic training and conditioning is outlined in an interim plan approved by the Board of Education during a Oct. 14 special meeting, with the understanding that updates and adjustments may be made as conditions and protocols change.

“We know our student-athletes are eager to resume training, and we are making every effort to provide those opportunities while mitigating risk and ensuring the safety of our students and employees alike,” FUSD Superintendent Randal S. Bassett said. “The success of this effort will depend on the commitment of our students, families and staff to adhere to our thorough health and safety protocols.”

The interim plan outlines the creation of educational training protocols for students, parents and personnel, which will detail the district’s Infectious Disease Emergency Response (IDER) Plan and best practices for reducing the risk of infections, testing and treatment.

All designated personnel will be required to complete COVID-19 educational training before student-athletes are permitted to return to athletic training.

The interim plan also details a three-phase approach to bringing student-athletes and personnel back to campus for training and conditioning.

Phase 1, set to begin Nov. 2, will allow student-athletes in fall sports -- which include but are not limited to competition cheer, cross country, water polo, football and volleyball -- to begin conditioning in preparation for their competition season, currently set for December or January.

Gatherings will be limited to groups of 10 people or less, and must occur outdoors. Additionally, athletes are expected to work out in assigned pods of 5 to 10 students to ensure limited exposure if someone develops an infection.

Additional guidelines for social distancing, spacing of workout pods, and sport-specific safety and training protocols are also outlined in the interim plan.

All participating student-athletes and personnel are expected to adhere to the health and safety protocols; the district has outlined measures to strictly enforce compliance.

The phased workouts will be completely optional; families and student-athletes in fall sports may participate or opt out at their discretion. Student-athletes who choose not to participate will not face repercussions when the regular athletic season begins. The interim plan will be made available to families and shared on the FUSD website in the coming weeks.

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