Jeff Omar

Jeff Omar is the new athletic director at Miller.

After being involved in athletics as a coach at Fontana A.B. Miller High School for almost 20 years, Jeff Omar is now stepping into a new position as athletic director for the Rebels.

"It's a change, going from teaching to being the AD, but I'm really excited about it," Omar said recently.

At various times during the past two decades, Omar was a football coach at all levels (varsity, JV, and freshman) at Miller. He was the head track coach for several years and also coached wrestling, cross country, and golf.

He said that the coaches who are now at Miller are doing a good job.

"We've had some new people who have come on board recently, and we're looking for even some people who have been out of coaching. We're hoping to get them re-motivated and re-energized," he said.

"It's nice working with people I've known for a long time -- not just in the school but in the community and the district."

Miller's athletes have enjoyed some major accomplishments, including a state championship in girls' wrestling by Monica Samaniego earlier this year.

However, several Rebel teams have struggled because they are in competing in a very tough league.

"The Citrus Belt League has been real challenging in most sports," Omar said.

He was asked about the possibility of Miller being moved out of the CBL, which is dominated in many sports by Redlands East Valley.

"There are a lot of people who say their pros and cons about it," Omar said. "We all have our opinions, and it's always an option every year. We might be better suited in another league, and it's something that could come up for discussion in the near future."

The former athletic director, John Romagnoli, will now be going back to coaching the boys' basketball squad at Miller.

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