April was a superb month for the Kaiser High School baseball team.

The Cats achieved a perfect 9-0 record during the month, concluding on April 30 with a 13-0 triumph over Fontana A.B. Miller.

Anthony Damian-Ramirez led the Cats by crushing a double and two singles and driving in four runs in a 3-for-3 performance.

Nathan Campos-Jaramillo was also 3-for-3 with two runs and one RBI.

Ignacio Alvarez tripled and singled, Andrew Griffin doubled and singled, Brandon Alvarez doubled, Carlos Lopez and Frank Estrada each singled twice, and Benjamin Tena, Cesar Soto, and Jesse SeSantiago all singled.

Campos-Jaramillo pitched three innings, allowing two hits and striking out five batters. Javier Zarabia and Samuel Uriarte each pitched one inning and did not give up any hits.

----- IN A PREVIOUS GAME, Kaiser led by a slim margin in the early innings but then pulled away for a 16-7 win against Miller.

Ignacio Alvarez pounded a home run and a single, scored four runs, and drove in two runs for Kaiser. Campos-Jaramillo singled three times and knocked in three runs. Griffin singled twice, Damian-Ramirez doubled, and Jamari Giddens, Trey Tribble, Lopez, and Estrada each singled once.

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