The Summit High School girls’ basketball team was one of 20 teams at the school with overall GPAs above 3.0.  (Contributed photo by FUSD)

For the second straight year, athletes at Summit High School have achieved a very impressive feat.

All 20 of the school’s 2022-23 varsity athletic teams have compiled an overall team grade point average above 3.0 on the first semester grade report, said athletic director Rob Peterson.

Peterson was extremely proud of all the SkyHawks and saluted them for also accomplishing this same goal of perfection during the 2021-22 year.

“As you probably know, students need at least a 2.0 in order to participate, but that is not good enough for this school, our athletes, our coaches, or our staff,” Peterson said. “Everyone has a hand in this and it is appropriate for everyone to celebrate this accomplishment.”

The teams with the top GPAs are boys’ tennis, girls’ tennis, and girls’ cross country.

----- THE FULL LIST of Summit squads and their GPAs:

Fall sports:

• Football: 3.006

• Girls’ volleyball: 3.104

• Girls’ tennis: 3.598

• Girls’ cross country: 3.525

• Boys’ cross country: 3.246

• Boys’ water polo: 3.186


• Boys’ basketball: 3.121

• Girls’ basketball: 3.341

• Boys’ soccer: 3.181

• Girls’ soccer: 3.141

• Girls’ water polo: 3.112

• Traditional competitive cheer: 3.187


• Baseball: 3.335

• Softball: 3.088

• Boys’ swimming: 3.234

• Girls’ swimming: 3.061

• Boys’ tennis: 3.654

• Boys’ volleyball: 3.057

• Boys’ track: 3.23

• Girls’ track: 3.207

Several teams from the other high schools in Fontana also performed well academically.

----- AT FONTANA HIGH SCHOOL, 19 of the 20 teams had GPAs of 3.0 or above:

Boys’ cross country: 3.597

Girls’ cross country: 3.566

Girls’ volleyball: 3.113

Boys’ water polo: 3.077

Boys’ basketball: 3.000

Girls’ basketball: 3.648

Boys’ soccer: 3.041

Girls’ soccer: 3.052

Boys’ wrestling: 3.039

Girls’ wrestling: 3.000

Girls’ water polo: 3.156

Traditional competitive cheer: 3.235

Baseball: 3.095

Softball: 3.500

Boys’ swimming: 3.144

Girls’ swimming: 3.473

Boys’ track and field: 3.296

Girls’ track and field: 3.487

Boys’ volleyball: 3.073

----- FONTANA A.B. MILLER had 15 teams:

Cross country, girls: 3.531

Softball: 3.145

Soccer, girls: 3.076

Tennis, girls: 3.118

Golf, girls: 3.000

Cross country, boys: 3.000

Baseball: 3.037

Soccer, boys: 3.013

Basketball, boys: 3.027

Basketball, girls: 3.338

Volleyball, boys: 3.027

Track, girls: 3.197

Traditional competitive cheer: 3.142

Volleyball, girls: 3.136

Wrestling, girls: 3.2

----- JURUPA HILLS had 14 teams:

Girls’ tennis

Boys’ tennis

Girls’ volleyball

Girls’ cross country

Boys’ cross country

Girls’ soccer

Boys’ soccer

Girls’ basketball

Boys’ basketball



Girls’ track and field

Boys’ track and field

Traditional competitive cheer

----- KAISER had 12 teams:

Girls’ volleyball: 3.346

Girls’ tennis: 3.373

Boys’ cross country: 3.571

Boys’ basketball: 3.273

Girls’ basketball: 3.483

Boys’ soccer: 3.022

Girls’ soccer: 3.308

Traditional competitive cheer: 3.222

Baseball: 3.245

Softball: 3.493

Boys’ track and field: 3.476

Girls’ track and field: 3.111.

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