Rachel McCoy

Rachel McCoy, a Fontana A.B. Miller High School graduate, soars over the bar in the high jump at the U.S. Olympic Trials last month.  She will be participating in the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo.  (Contributed photo by Steven Halpern)

So how does it feel to get the news that you'll be taking part in the Olympics? Fontana's Rachel McCoy had a quick answer.

"I'm elated about going to Tokyo," she said on July 2, shortly after learning that she would be accompanying the U.S. Olympic Team for the upcoming 2021 Games. She will be a high jumper in the track and field competition.

"I'm actually not too sure if the news has really hit me just yet, but I know once I get that USA suitcase in the mail, it'll completely dawn on me that I am indeed an Olympian."

McCoy, a graduate of Fontana A.B. Miller High School, will become one of the few athletes from Fontana to ever participate in the Olympics.

It's been a difficult road for McCoy, who did not finish among the top three high jumpers at the U.S. Trials in Oregon last month but was named to the team because she met the qualifying standard previously (see related story in the Sports section).

"Six years ago, I started this journey, filled with smiles, tears, inconsistencies, and especially refocusing. It's never been easy … but quitting would've been 100 times harder," she said. "Although I've secured my spot on Team USA, the journey isn't over until I have a gold medal to bring home to the 909!"

McCoy came close to making the Olympic squad in 2016, but did not finish in the top three at the U.S. Trials at that time.

She thanked her "guardian angel and coach," Sue Humphrey, for helping her achieve her dream this time around.

"Without her, I wouldn't be the person (not only athlete) that I'm blessed to be today," McCoy said.

McCoy also encouraged other athletes to keep working hard to reach their goals.

"To the dreamers out there, keep the dream alive and keep running in stride. You'll get there eventually or maybe even somewhere better," she said.

Another athlete from Fontana, soccer player Maurice Edu, participated in the 2008 Olympics. Edu is a graduate of Etiwanda High School.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! GREAT job making the Olympic team!! I know you will soar to even greater heights!

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