Prado Park

Prado Park in Chino was one of the recreational areas opened up by San Bernardino County on April 25.  (Contributed photo by San Bernardino County)

During the weekend of April 25-26, San Bernardino County opened up its parks and recreation areas so that residents could enjoy the great outdoors as temperatures started to rise.

The result was positive because residents acted responsibly and followed the necessary guidelines that have been instituted during the coronavirus pandemic, according to County Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman.

"Our residents did a good job," Hagman said during a press conference on May 1. "They kept their social distance, they kept their (face) mask on, as well as use their hygiene well, and so we kept people safe while starting to enjoy this great summer weather we're having, and we look forward to them continuing to do that."

This was in apparent contrast to what happened at some beach areas in Orange County, where controversy erupted over Gov. Gavin Newsom's contention that too many persons were not adhering to health mandates that same weekend. Newsom ordered that those beaches must close, resulting in large protests in Huntington Beach by people saying the governor overreacted to the situation.

Hagman indicated that San Bernardino County officials will be discussing what additional steps can be taken to ease restrictions on residents.

"As we continue to see hot weather coming forward, we'll be looking at modifying our county public health order to see what recreation activities we can do in a safe manner," he said.

----- SEVERAL CITIES, including Fontana, have decided to maintain restrictions on their facilities.

A message on Fontana's Facebook page on April 29 said:

"Last weekend, the County opened up their parks for passive recreation (i.e. hiking, wildlife observation, non-contact sports, and walking).

"The City of Fontana has continuously allowed for passive recreation at city parks through open spaces, walking paths and trails while wearing a face covering and practicing social distancing. However, park amenities such as playgrounds, picnic shelters, basketball courts, tennis courts and parking lots remain closed until further notice.

"There are currently park monitors assisting with athletic facility closures, reporting graffiti, tracking park users, and checking fields for non-permitted organized sports activity. For any field-related matters, you call reach the park monitors at (909) 202-1641 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m."

On May 1, Mayor Acquanetta Warren said in a Facebook update that she appreciates everyone's patience and understanding during this difficult time.

"I know how eager everyone is to getting back to our normal routines and our normal lives," she said. "The warmer weather and sunshine make it really tempting to want to get out there and cut loose. But we've come too far in this fight to give in to that temptation, and we all need to reign in our impatience for just a little while longer."

----- JUST WEST of Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga officials announced that the city's outdoor basketball and tennis courts have now re-opened, and during the week of May 4, the city's skate park was scheduled to re-open as well.

"We encourage you to get outside and enjoy the outdoors," Rancho Cucamonga officials said on Facebook. "Exercising is good for both your physical and mental health. While doing so, continue to be safe, cover your face, and maintain at least 6 feet of space between you and other individuals who are not part of your household."

Rancho Cucamonga officials also noted that the county re-opened the North Etiwanda Preserve (located north of the city), although the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department will still be enforcing all parking restrictions.

"These are but the first signs of a budding recovery," the Rancho Cucamonga officials said. "In the near to middle term future, we will begin to see public facilities locally and elsewhere easing their restrictions on access."

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