The Kaiser High School soccer team is pictured in action during this game in February of 2020, before all prep athletic competition was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Soccer and other sports are now returning to competition this month at schools in Fontana.

Following an extremely long period of inaction, many athletic teams representing high schools in Fontana are finally being allowed to return to the playing field.

Football competition began in March, and now other outdoor sports such as baseball, tennis, and softball (as well as soccer, traditionally a winter pastime) are starting up in April for schools in the Fontana Unified School District.

All five FUSD schools will have some spring sports with shortened schedules, but not all sports will be fielded by every school.

Spring sports teams are returning to action for the first time since March of 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic caused all activities to abruptly stop.

The action gets under way with a baseball game on Saturday morning, April 3 between Kaiser and Fontana at the Steelers' field.

For the most part, the FUSD schools will be competing against each other, with occasional games scheduled against out-of-town opponents.

They are being permitted to resume action because the number of new COVID-19 infections in San Bernardino County has gone down substantially in recent months. The teams must all adhere to strict health guidelines while competing.

Even though many athletes are excited about playing again, others are declining to take part due to the health concerns, causing some teams to be depleted.

Because it takes place indoors, basketball competition is being delayed for a few weeks.

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