South Fontana Sports Park

This is the design of the South Fontana Sports Park.

Residents living south of the Interstate 10 Freeway have been waiting anxiously for construction of the South Fontana Sports Park to begin, and now the final hurdle in the process has been removed.

"Subsequent to the printing of the budget books, the city has received funding that will enable us to complete the funding for the South Fontana Sports Park," said Lisa Strong, the city's management services director, during a presentation about the 2021-2022 budget at the June 8 City Council meeting.

The revised cost of the project is $17.3 million, of which $10.6 million was already funded, Strong said.

"Staff is requesting to amend the proposed budget to include the additional funding of $6.7 million to completely fund the project and move forward to construction date," she said.

In addition, the accompanying South Fontana Dog Park has been fully funded for $500,000, she said.

The 17-acre South Fontana Sports Park will be located on Santa Ana Avenue between Cypress and Juniper avenues. It will include four synthetic turf football/soccer fields, sports lighting for nighttime play, an ADA accessible playground, a walking path, and concessions, storage, and restroom buildings.

A land dedication ceremony was held on Oct. 22, 2018 to officially announce the future park. Late last year, the layout of the amenities was re-designed, setting the stage for construction to start after the entire project was funded.

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